The Lonely World of Freelancing

Is Freelancing Lonely? Are freelancers lonely? This question caught me off guard. When doing a Google search for new blog ideas, as you do, this question popped up and it got me thinking. Like many people out there, I turned to freelancing because of mental health issues. I wanted my happiness at work to beContinue reading “The Lonely World of Freelancing”

Self-Worth and Freelancing

Knowing what you are worth as a professional and a freelancer. This is a blog post that I’ve been considering writing for some time but have placed it on the back burner in exchange for some slightly lighter topics. However, some recent experiences have pushed this topic, once again, to the forefront of my mindContinue reading “Self-Worth and Freelancing”

Self-Employment and Mental Health

What is the link between self-employment and mental health? You might be surprised to know that mental health is becoming increasingly a reason to go freelance or self-employed.[1] In a study by the website Leapers, it was found that 43% of freelancers cite wanting to improve their mental health as a motivation to become self-employed.Continue reading “Self-Employment and Mental Health”

How to Deal with Difficult Clients

Tips for the Self-Employed and Freelancers Out There With current statistics showing us that there are more freelancers and self-employed people out there than ever before (yay!) I thought it was time we discussed the topic on every freelancers’ lips: how on earth do you deal with difficult buyers? We’ve all had them! If youContinue reading “How to Deal with Difficult Clients”