Freelancing on Fiverr

A Fiverr Veteran’s Opinions on the Platform

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I’ve been thinking a lot, recently, about my place in the world of freelancing. I work primarily through a website called Fiverr, which is a platform for freelancers of all niches to sell their wares. I’ve worked through the platform for almost three years now (it will be three years in January 2022) and over the years I’ve had mixed feelings about the platform.

Like anything, Fiverr has its ups and downs. Its pros and cons. But, for me, and I don’t want to sound soppy when I say this, without Fiverr I wouldn’t have been able to start my business. It was because of Fiverr that I came to learn freelancing was a viable option. I left my teaching career after a really rough stint that negatively affected my mental health quite significantly, and still does to this day. If I hadn’t stumbled upon Fiverr, and the world of freelancing, I have no idea where I’d be right now. But, I can guarantee this, I wouldn’t be as happy and fulfilled in my career as I am now. I get to sit at home, with my dog, and read and write for a living! It’s still absolutely insane to me!

How I Came to Sign Up for Fiverr

I have to give some credit to Danny, my long-suffering partner, who suggested I sign up to the platform in the first place. When I signed up, my mental health was a mess. I’d tried many things by this point, in order to not have to go back and work in education. I’d considered everything from candle-making to cleaning, just so I didn’t have to set foot in a school again. Which is sad, I know. I loved working with children, but at the end of the day, you have to put your mental health first.

When Danny suggested I sign up for Fiverr, I was sceptical. I’d heard some not very great things about the platform, and was of the misconception that the people on there would do anything for a fiver. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Straight away, I realised there was a niche for me. I started off writing blog posts and editing documents. At that point, I had no idea what writing copy was, or the difference between proof-reading and editing, but I learnt along the way.

Finding Success on Fiverr

I take my job very seriously, and always have, no matter what job I’m doing. I think that’s part of the reason I’ve found success on the Fiverr platform. I would highly recommend, without any hesitation, that you check out Fiverr if you’re looking to give freelancing a go. Like anything else, there’s a learning curve as you learn the idiosyncrasies of the platform, but once you find your way, you’re golden.

You might be wondering what’s got me thinking about the platform so much. I rarely talk about Fiverr in my blog posts and when I do, it’s usually in passing. The reason for this blog post is twofold. Firstly, I had a lovely email from a member of staff at Fiverr a couple of days ago congratulating me on my success through the platform, and mentioning that there was an opportunity for me to be involved in the Fiverr UK community moving forwards. The email asked if I’d like to discuss my opinions and experiences on Fiverr, and my suggestions on how Fiverr can move forward, creating more of a community for their freelancers.

Secondly, a few moments ago, I received my 200th review on the platform. That might not seem like a lot, especially when there are freelancers out there with thousands, but something to bear in mind is that my projects are usually pretty hefty and can take a couple of months to complete sometimes, so my reviews don’t come in as large quantities as other freelancers. Out of those 200 reviews, 198 are five stars, which I’m incredibly proud of.

These two events got me thinking about my time on the platform and what it means for me and my career. Without Fiverr, I certainly wouldn’t have found freelancing. I’m so in love with my job (most of the time) and I have Fiverr to thank for opening up this world to me. Are there things I don’t like about the platform? Of course! But, overall, I cannot overstate the impact Fiverr has had on me and my career.

Three Years on Fiverr

Fiverr is the most user-friendly freelancing platform I’ve found, which is why I’ve stuck with it. The majority of my bookings still come through the platform to this day. It allows me to communicate with clients easily, and track my orders. There are, of course, things I think need to be improved. For example, the automatic rating system for promotions and demotions. I’ve been a Top Seller for around a year now, I believe, and have had a little trouble with this myself, although it was rectified very quickly by customer services. I’m also not the biggest fan of being able to pay to promote your services, pushing your listings to the top. However, these are things I plan to feedback during my meeting on Friday.

I think the main issue with Fiverr is that it has a bit of an image problem. There’s still the misconception that the freelancers who work on the site are unprofessional and work incredibly cheaply. Let me tell you, without any hesitation, this is not true. There are people who do work through the site cheaply, but these people are in the minority. Simply put, you get what you pay for. If you go to Fiverr wanting to pay a fiver for services, you’re likely going to receive something shoddy back. If you search for experienced sellers with great reviews, like myself, then you’ll receive work that is professional and high quality.

Fiverr is a Great Tool for People Looking to Freelance or Hire Freelancers

The fact that things are changing on the platform, with more of a focus on what both sellers and buyers want their experience to be like, shows that it is moving in the right direction. The email, which came out of the blue, inviting me to share my opinions and congratulating me on my success was the very boost I needed to fall back in love with the platform. This evening, I’ve even gone as far as to sign up for the Gathering of UK Freelancers event, in which I’ll meet people just like myself who work through the platform. This is the first chance, in three years, I’ve had to meet some of my own community, and it is something I’m very much looking forward to.

I’d Love to Hear from You

Whether you’ve used Fiverr or not, I’d love to hear your opinions on the platform. Please do get in contact with me via messenger, email, or my website. Any feedback you give will help me to feedback to the team at Fiverr. Your insights will be valuable to me, and how I run my business.

Would you consider hiring a freelancer through Fiverr?

What are your general thoughts on the platform?

Is there something Fiverr, or their freelancers, could do to make it more attractive to you?

Your opinions are very much appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post. I hope that it might make you think a little deeper about freelancing, and whether using a freelancer platform might be the right step for you.

One final note, this blog post is in no way endorsed by the platform, it is simply my opinions as a Fiverr freelancer.

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