Almost Ready to Publish!

I’ve been terrible at updating you guys on my journey towards publication, but with good reason. Over the last few weeks, my book has been proofread both by myself and by a wonderful proofreader I found on Fiverr. I made the cover, asked for feedback, made edits, and here we are. I will do a proper blog post about each stage soon, I promise. But for now, this will have to do.

Having spent the last seven hours wrestling with KDP, everything is ready to go. We’re cooking on gas. I’m waiting on the proof copies, but once they’re okayed, FOUND YOU will be released into the wild.

I’ll be posting updates here and will let you know when it goes live. Thank you to everybody who has supported me on this journey, it means the world to me.

I promise, promise, promise, I’ll talk about what I did at each stage of the self-publishing journey. I don’t want to half-arse it, sort of like this blog update. I want to make something really useful that will support you all through your self-publishing journey.

Here is the official blurb of FOUND YOU:

A text leads to the murder of an innocent.

When Cameron gets a text from an unknown number, his life is thrust into unimaginable chaos. Things come to a head when he begins to receive graphic photographs of himself being tortured.

A schoolgirl fantasy spirals out of control.

Savannah has just pulled her life together, only for it to be unravelled by a drunken one-night stand.

Love, lust and revenge collide with terrifying consequences. Is anybody truly innocent?

It could happen to anybody.
Could you be next?

It will be available exclusively through Amazon, in paperback and eBook initially.

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